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Worldwide Solutions

Whether you are a business start-up or have years of history behind you, if the business is in need of funding, there is a variety of funding options that we may be able to employ. These are not restricted to UK sources.

We have access to funding programmes to suit various projects from Real Estate to large PLC buyouts. Funds come from capital markets in the UK and overseas and private investment funds.

Some of these private investors are small businesses or individuals. All of them are looking to invest into growing businesses so that they can get a better return on their investments than they can get from banks. By spreading their investments over a number of businesses, they reduce their risks, while assisting many.

Our lenders are adept at assessing business plans and, even in these difficult times, are seeking ways and means to facilitate funding.

contact us for our review of your circumstances and so that we can advise if accessing Worldwide or a UK-based solution is best for your needs.